Meet Our Team of Digital Marketing Experts | K4 Digital Inc.
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Meet Our Team

Elea Kabaluk
Elea Kabaluk is a search engine marketing expert, specializing in paid search advertising and search engine optimization. With over thirteen years of experience in the digital sphere – working in the U.S. Read More

Expert Independent Contractors

K4 Digital connects only the best digital marketing experts in the field, with brands looking to expand their digital footprint…

Carla St. Louis
Carla St. Louis is a content strategist with a background in both print and digital media. Trained in Journalism and Read More
Casey Kurlander
Casey Kurlander is a content and social media marketer with over ten years of experience working with both brands and agencies. Read More
Daniel Lassman
Francine Bastos
Francine is a web developer, responsible for designing, coding and modifying websites. From layout to function, and according to our Read More
Tonya Fahari