Sepideh Simin Sartipi

Digital Marketing Specialist

Simin started her career in Iran as a physician. Having worked in the ER after medical school, Simin moved with her family to the U.S. Upon arrival in the states, Simin began working in digital marketing at a large hospitality agency. She quickly learned the inner workings of tracking code, and QAing tags on websites, etc.

Completely self-taught, Simin immersed herself in ad operations for over 15,000 client websites, and managed all digital tags through GTM, direct backend coding, for many different platforms, from: DoubleClick to Facebook to Google to Shopify to Synixis to Sabre, and everywhere in between! Over the next twelve years, she built the ad ops department and trained all new staff – creating SOPs and other training material.

She has had complete ownership of all client website AdOps – from implementation to troubleshooting. Simin is a problem solver, by nature.